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Our Retake Policy

Any retake is $5, per person.

Absent or New students are not considered 'retakes.'

We may, at our sole discretion,  choose to refund a retake charge. Some of the reasons might include, replacing a previously paid package, a problem with our equipment such as lighting or a camera malfunction. 

Please remember that if you have concerns about factors beyond our control such as,
your expression,
your hair,
glass glare,
facial shine,
outfit and clothing,
these are not eligible reasons for a refund.

Are you still wanting to try a new image? We're happy to help! As we're wanting to create the best images for you, please share your reasons for a retake and we'll do our best.

Keep in mind that we are encouraged to never touch students but will communicate your desires to your student or school staff.

Apply and pay for your retake below:


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Student's Teacher or Home Room

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